The Christ-Centered Math “Big Picture” Chart

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Math LevelsMath Lessons Levels A, B, and CMath Workbooks: Levels A, B, and CMath Skills Levels A, B, and C
Math Lessons: Level A (502)
(Includes Workbook Instructions/Answer Key: Level A)
Math Workbook: Level A (502)Concepts 1-10
Number I.D. 1-10
1-10 Addition Families Intro
Counting 1-100
Basic Skills
Writing 1-10
(Adv. K4– B1st)
Math Lessons: Level B:1 (530)
(Includes Workbook Instructions/Answer Key: Level B:1)
Math Workbook: Level B:1 (531)Concepts 1-20
Number I.D. 0-100
1-10 Add/Subtract Facts
Add Multiple Numbers
GT/LT 0-100
Missing #’s in Sequence
Write 0-100
Math Lessons: Level B:2 (532)
(Format: Workbook Instructions/Answer Key: Level B:2)
Math Workbook: Level B:2 (533)Fractions (1/2, 1/3, 1/4)
Telling Time (hr., ½ hr., ¼ hr., 5-min.)
Money (pennies, nickels,
dimes, quarters, half-dollars)
(Adv. K5/1st)
Math Lessons: Level C (540)
(Includes Workbook Instructions/Answer Key: Level C)
Math Workbook: Level C (541)Place Value
2- & 3-digit Add/Subtract
GT/LT to 999
Counting by 1’s, 2’s, 3’s,
4’s, 5’s, 10’s to 100+
11-18 Add/Subtract Facts
Word Problems
Equation Theory

*All beginning math students should start at Level A as this lays an important foundation for B.

The following items, which are included in Complete Math Kit A, are the foundation of Christ-Centered Math Lessons A, B, and C:

  • Christ-Centered Math Master Guide (3-ring binder  with Overview, Charts, Visuals – 500)
  • Math Hands-On Teaching Set (Place Value Pocket Chart & Snap Cubes – 520)

Because Math Level A is introductory, and thus does not take long for Advanced K4, K5, and Beginning 1st (or older) students to complete, we recommend:

  • Order Complete Math Kit A (004HS) plus Math Kit B (005HS) at the same time. This will save on extra shipping costs plus ensure that the materials are immediately available when your child needs them.

When your student is ready for Math Level C (this will vary according to your child’s age and abilities), order the Complete Math Kit C (006HS). Kit C includes: Math Lessons C (540), Math Workbook C (541), and an Interlocking Base 10 Blocks Set (542).

(Note: The Place Value Pocket Chart and Snap Cubes will also used at Level C.)