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Advanced Phonics Program

Phonics Level C is our advanced program for teaching high literacy skills to:

  • Students who have already completed Phonics Level B:2
  • Older students who have accomplished Level B:2’s skills but need more thorough instruction to become a proficient reader. (See the “Skills Covered” list for Level B:2 at Part 206).

Skills Covered

Note:  The GRAMMAR EXERCISE in the Phonics Lessons for Cards 32-66 (Part 206) introduced the first three parts of speech. The five remaining parts of speech plus basic writing skills are introduced in the Phonics Lessons for Cards 67-93 and 94-118 (Levels C:2 and C:3).

Skills Covered at Phonics Level C:2:

  • Two-Syllable Root Words
  • Compound Words
  • Adding Suffixes -es, -ed, -ing
  • Syllabication Patterns & Accent Rules
  • Vowel Digraphs (two vowels with a single speech sound)
  • Modified Vowels (ar, er, ir, or, ur)
  • Diphthongs (ou, ow, oi, oy)

Skills Covered at Phonics Level C:3:

  • Open/Closed Syllables
  • Vowel Variants
  • Consonant Variants
  • Silent Letters
  • Common Prefixes/Suffixes
  • Homonyms, Antonyms, Analogies (word puzzles), Homographs
  • Reading Multi-Syllable Words
  • Advanced Spelling
  • Dictionary Skills
  • Grammar (common/proper nouns, pronouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions, interjections, contractions)
  • Writing Exercises (simple sentences)
  • Diagramming Simple Sentences (to identify the “who,” “doing,” and “what” of sentences to increase reading comprehension)
  • Cursive Penmanship

Phonics Kit C includes the following:

Lessons/Workbooks/Answer Keys: Click any part number below to link to more information about that product.

  • Christ-Centered Phonics Lessons for Flashcards 67-93: Level C:2 (Part 209).
  • Christ-Centered Phonics Workbook: Level C:2 (Part 210)
  • Christ-Centered Phonics Workbook Instructions & Answer Key: Level C:2 (Part 210AK)
  • Christ-Centered Phonics Lessons for Flashcards 94-118: Level C:3 (Part 211).
  • Christ-Centered Phonics Workbook: Level C:3 (Part 212)
  • Christ-Centered Phonics Workbook Instructions & Answer Key: Level C:3 (Part 212AK)

Christ-Centered Advanced Readers: Click on its part number for more information about either book.

  • Reader: The Flood: God Saves Me (Part 356)
  • Christ-Centered Phonics Drill Reader: Student Edition (Part 357)

Pacing Suggestions:

Teaching the Phonics Level C:2 and C:3 lessons for two days each, their related workbook pages, plus supplemental readers should thoroughly develop your student’s advanced decoding, spelling, and grammar/writing skills within a typical school year, or shortly thereafter. However, some parents may prefer to take longer, which is fine. Just teach in sequence at whatever rate best fits your child’s God-given capabilities.

If You Still Use the Phonics Master Guide (©2011 or 2013):

The Christ-Centered Phonics Teacher’s Guide to Reading (TGR) (Part 200-TGR) plus the Christ-Centered Phonics Charts and Visual Aids 3-ring binder (Part 200-PCV) have replaced Parts I and II of the former Christ-Centered Phonics Master Guide. Why? Re-organizing and expanding the Master Guide’s three levels of reading made it possible to have additional instructions for how to more successfully develop each student’s high literacy skills and to increase spiritual understanding of the advanced Christ-Centered Phonics Drill Reader (Part 357)!

If you are one of many still using the Phonics Master Guide and are ready to begin teaching the Phonics Drill Reader (PDR), you do not have to miss out on the blessings of the new TGR’s section called “Understanding the Phonics Drill Reader (PDR).” A Transition Guide (Part 357-TG) is available to help even a novice successfully teach the PDR. This affordable add-on may be ordered in the Option Box below.

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