Phonics Beginner’s Kit A (AK3/K4)


Phonics Beginner’s Kit A contains everything needed to get your young student (older 3’s and young 4’s, AK3-K4) off to a great start with Christ-Centered A-B-C’s.  It contains 31 full lessons with instructions, workbooks, answer keys and materials needed.

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Off to a great start with Christ-Centered A-B-C’s!

Recommended For:

  • AK3 (Older 3’s)
  • K4 (Young 4’s)

Note: Older 4’s will normally do better starting with Phonics Kit B (Part 002). Just teach in sequence at a pace that best fits your child’s own needs.

Skills Covered at Phonics Level A:

  • Aa-Zz Letters/Sounds
  • Short Vowels
  • Consonants
  • Blends (single consonant and a vowel blended together to form one speech sound)
  • Reading Short Vowel Words
  • Spelling Blends and Short Vowel Words
  • Brief introduction to Long Vowels
  • Manuscript Printing

Phonics Kit A includes the following:

Christ-Centered Phonics Foundation Set: Click any part number below to link to more information about that product.

  • Christ-Centered Phonics Teacher’s Guide to Reading plus the Christ-Centered Phonics Charts and Visual Aids 3-ring binder used at Levels A, B, and C (Part 200-SET)
  • Christ-Centered Phonics Flashcards 1-118: Master Set (Part 201-RV).
  • Christ-Centered Phonics Flashcards Drill CD (Part 201.5)

Lessons/Workbook/Answer Key: Click any part number below to link to more information about that product.

  • Christ-Centered Phonics Lessons for Aa-Zz: Level A (Part 202)
  • Christ-Centered Phonics Workbook: Level A (Part 203)
  • Christ-Centered Phonics Workbook Instructions/Answer Key: Level A (Part 203AK)
  • Alphabet & Numbers Tracing Masters Sheets (Part 216)
    Note: Although these tracing sheets may be reproduced, for repeated use we suggest laminating each page (or inserting in a plastic report cover). For writing practices, we recommend using a dry erase marker or washable overhead transparency pen because either wipes off well.


  • ABC Bedtime Story Rhymes Level A
    Bedtime Story Rhymes are an early introduction to the Christ-Centered Alphabet Phonics Card System in the format of a bedtime story book appropriate for ages 2-7.

Pacing Suggestions:

Phonics Kit A (Part 001) contains 31 full lessons, divided into three days each (93 days total). Each lesson could be spread over several weeks, or completed in two or three days per week. A daily lesson plus workbook assignment generally takes about 20 minutes.

Tip: If you purchase Phonics Kit A (Part 001), when ready for Level B, you will only need to order Phonics Add-On Kit B (Part 002AO).

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