Christ-Centered Phonics Workbook: Level C:3


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Advanced Phonics Program

Recommended For:

  • Advanced First Grade (A1st)
  • Second Grade (2nd)
  • Older students needing a stronger phonics base.

Note: An advanced student is one who has accomplished Phonics Level C:2 skills.

Description of Phonics Workbook C:3:

After teaching the daily lesson in Phonics Lessons for Flashcards 94-118: Level C:3 (Part 211), use the Phonics Workbook Instructions/Answer Key: Level C:3 (Part 212AK) to help your student complete related Phonics Workbook C:3 (Part 212) pages.

The first day’s C:3 workbook assignment covers:

  • PHONICS EXERCISE: After the student reads the verse(s), the teacher presents a spiritual application before introducing the day’s phonics directions.
  • SPELLING LESSON: The ten spelling words plus applicable rules and exceptions are discussed first. Using a dictionary, the student is to look up any unfamiliar words and use each new word in a sentence.

The second day’s C:3 workbook assignment covers:

  • VOCABULARY DEVELOPMENT: The spelling words represent homonyms, rhyming words, root words, syllabication, contractions, silent letters, analogies, prefixes, suffixes, or interesting puzzles. At the bottom of each Vocabulary page is also a short Grammar Exercise.
  • PENMANSHIP/SPELLING PRE-TEST: Cursive penmanship is normally practiced before reviewing the spelling rules and exceptions prior to the Spelling Pre-Test. Any misspelled words should be written correctly five times each. At the end of the school week, all missed words should be re-tested.

Pacing Suggestions:

Spending two days on each C:2 and C:3 lesson plus related workbook pages should complete the full advanced program within a typical school year, or shortly thereafter. However, some families enjoy taking more time. In that case, simply teach at whatever pacing best fits your child’s God-given abilities.

Note to Phonics Edition 1 Users: The current C:3 workbook is compatible with the original C:3 Phonics Lessons and Instructions/Answer Key.

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