Christ-Centered Phonics Workbook: Level B:1


Order Phonics Kit B (Part 002) which contains all the materials needed to teach the full Beginning-to-Read Program (Levels B:1 and B:2).

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Beginning-to-Read Program

Recommended For:

  • Older 4’s (AK4)
  • 5-year-olds (K5)
  • Beginning 1st—first time being schooled (B1st)

Note: K5 and Beginning 1st grade students have traditionally excelled in this Beginning-to-Read Program. Because older 4’s are generally more mature in their readiness to learn, they are considered an Advanced K4 and normally will do better with Phonics Kit B rather than A. (Level A is not a prerequisite for starting Level B.)

Description of Phonics Workbook B:1:

After teaching the daily lesson in Phonics Lessons for Flashcards 1-31: Level B:1 (Part 204), refer to the B:1 Phonics Workbook Instructions/Answer Key (Part 205AK) to help your child complete that lesson’s related assignment in the B:1 Phonics Workbook (Part 205). Through interesting little stories, spiritual applications, and some Phonics Art exercises, students will develop the following skills:

  • Upper/lower case manuscript penmanship practice for letters Aa to Zz.
  • Visual and auditory discrimination of the alphabet letters and the phonetic sounds they represent.
  • How to blend a consonant and vowel together to form one speech sound.
  • Spelling of blends and short vowel words.

Pacing Suggestions:

Normally, Phonics Levels B:1 plus B:2 are completed within a typical school year. However, if you start an older 4 (AK4) at Level B, simply teach in sequence at a pace that best fits your child’s needs.
Note to Phonics Edition 1 Users: You can use the current Phonics Workbook B:1 (Part 205) by skipping the Short Aa through Long Uu review pages at the end. (These were from the former C:1 workbook.) Otherwise, Part 205’s content is compatible with Edition 1’s Phonics Lessons for Flashcards 1-31 and Workbook Instructions/Answer Key B:1.

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