Christ-Centered Phonics Workbook: Level A


For the BEST RESULTS, order the Phonics Beginner’s Kit A (Part 001). When ready for the next Level (B:1 and B:2), you will then only need Phonics Add-On Kit B (002AO).

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Off to a great start with Christ-Centered A-B-C’s!

Recommended For:

  • Older 3’s (AK3)
  • Young 4’s (K4)

Phonics Level A is great for teaching young 4’s two or three times a week in short sessions. However, older 3’s who are eager to learn should also do well at this Level.
Note: Because older 4’s are usually more mature in their readiness to learn, they will normally do better starting with Phonics Kit B (Part 002). Simply teach Level B in sequence according your own child’s abilities.<

Description of Phonics Workbook A:

This workbook coordinates with Phonics Lessons for Aa-Zz: Level A (Part 202) and the Phonics Flashcards 1-118: Master Set (Part 201-RV). Every flashcard has the following workbook exercises:

  • Phonics Penmanship: Each illustration corresponds with a flashcard’s picture and its rhyme. The rhyme’s meaning and its Spiritual Application are reviewed prior to a simple phonics exercise which develops visual discrimination skills. The lesson concludes by tracing/printing practice on that day’s letter. (Most children also enjoy coloring the illustration.)
  • Phonics Art: The teacher demonstrates how to draw simple pictures as the child repeats each step while trying to “guess” its picture name. (Each “name” begins with the sound under study.) This exercise is great for developing thinking and fine motor skills!
  • Phonics Drill Sheet: Each page begins with a flashcard’s rhyme and Spiritual Application. As the teacher pronounces each of nine picture names, the student is to cross off any picture with a name that does NOT start with the sound under study. This exercise builds listening skills (auditory discrimination).
  • Penmanship/Spelling: These pages include printing practice for Aa-Zz and a VOWEL LANE Spelling Exercise. As the teacher dictates short vowel blends in scrambled order (Example: su, si, so, se, sa), the student is to print each blend by its correct VOWEL HOUSE (Aa, Ee, Ii, Oo, Uu). Gradually, this exercise includes spelling short vowel words.

Pacing Suggestions:

Phonics lessons, which take about 20 minutes, may be done one to three days per week–or as your child’s God-given capabilities warrant.
Note to Phonics Edition 1 Users: The Home School Level A workbook is a slightly revised version of Phonics Workbook: Level A:1. To use the original Instructions/Answer Key A:1, skip the long vowel pages until the end of Phonics Workbook: Level A.

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