Christ-Centered Phonics Workbook Instructions/Key: Level B:2


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Beginning-to-Read Program

Recommended for Parent-Teachers of:

  • Advanced 4’s (AK4)
  • 5-year-olds (K5)
  • Beginning 1st (B1st)
  • Older students who need Level B:2 skills.

Description of Phonics Workbook Instructions/Key B:2:

After teaching the daily lesson in Phonics Lessons for Flashcards 32-66: Level B:2 (Part 206), use this Phonics Workbook Instructions & Answer Key B:2 (Part 207AK) to help your child complete the Phonics Workbook B:2 (Part 207) pages as listed in the PACING SCHEDULE at the beginning of every phonics lesson.

This Answer Key contains both spiritual and phonics applications to reinforce each day’s lesson. As of May 2011, pages labeled “Phonics Workbook” are either an original B:2 page or one of the 43 added from the former Level C:1 workbook.

Note to Phonics Edition 1 Users:

The current B:2 Phonics Lessons, Workbook, and Instructions/Answer Key are not compatible with Edition 1. To purchase a special Transition Kit B:2 containing all three of those items, call 1-800-778-4318.

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