Christ-Centered Phonics Workbook Instructions/Key: Level B:1


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Beginning-to-Read Program

Recommended for Parent-Teachers of:

  • Older 4’s (AK4)
  • 5-year-olds (K5)
  • Beginning 1st—first time being schooled (B1st)

Note: Completing Phonics Level A is not a prerequisite for starting Level B.

Description of Phonics Workbook Instructions/Answer Key B:1:

After teaching the daily lesson in Phonics Lessons for Flashcards 1-31: Level B:1 (Part 204), use the B:1 Instructions/Answer Key (Part 205AK) to help your child complete related assignments in the B:1 Phonics Workbook (Part 205).

The “Introduction” (pp. iii-viii) to Instructions/Answer Key B:1 contains these helpful guides:

  • How to Build Godly Character Through Seatwork Activities. This section includes information on ten “Character Quality Definitions and Biblical Principles” plus how “Seatwork Activities = Great Opportunities for Growth.”
  • Homeschooling—A Special Window to Children’s Hearts. Daily seatwork sessions are like standing at the window of your children’s hearts because this is when their character flaws are likely to surface. By applying the godly pressure of accountability, God will enable you to “see” into each child’s carnal nature and deal with it biblically.


Note to Phonics Edition 1 Users: To use Edition 1’s Instructions/Answer Key B:1, skip the Short Aa through Long Uu review pages at the end of the current B:1 workbook. (These were adapted from Phonics Workbook C:1 which is no longer available.)

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