Christ-Centered Phonics Workbook Instructions/Key: Level A


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Recommended for Parent-Teachers of:

  • Older 3’s (AK3)
  • Young 4’s (K4)

Phonics Level A is great for teaching young 4’s two or three days a week in short sessions. However, older 3’s who are eager to learn should also do well at this Level.
Note: Because older 4’s are usually more mature in their readiness to learn, they are considered an Advanced K4 and will normally do better starting with Phonics Kit B (Part 002).</

Description of Phonics Workbook Instructions/Answer Key A:

After teaching the daily lesson in Phonics Lessons for Aa-Zz: Level A (Part 202), use this text to help your child complete the following Phonics Workbook A (Part 203) assignments:

  • Phonics Penmanship
  • Phonics Art
  • Phonics Drill Sheets
  • Penmanship/Spelling

This Instructions/Answer Key also contains these helpful guides:

  • Introduction to Manuscript Printing. This section includes information on the “Basic Strokes Tracing Sheet” from the Alphabet & Numbers Tracing Masters Sheets, “Fine Motor Skill Development,” and “Creating Future Writers.”Note: Some Alphabet & Numbers Tracing Masters Sheets are included in Phonics Kit A (Part 001) at no charge for a limited time only. Although these sheets may be reproduced, for repeated use we suggest laminating each sheet (or inserting it in a plastic report cover). For writing practices, using a dry erase marker or washable overhead transparency pen will normally wipe off well.
  • Guide to Correct Letter Formation. This provides simple stroke-by-stroke language to help young children more easily learn to print.Note to Phonics Edition 1 Users: The current Level A workbook is a slightly revised version of Phonics Workbook A:1. To use the original Instructions/Answer Key A:1, the long vowels pages are now at the end of Phonics Workbook A (Part 203).

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