Christ-Centered Phonics Lessons for Cards 67-93: Level C:2


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Advanced Phonics Program

Recommended For:

  • Advanced K5 (AK5)
  • Advanced First Grade (A1st)
  • Second Grade (2nd)
  • Older students needing a stronger phonics base

Note: Phonics Level C is our advanced program for teaching high quality phonics and reading skills to (1) students who have already completed Phonics Level B:2 or (2) older students who have accomplished Level B:2’s skills but need more thorough instruction to become a proficient reader (see Part 206 for a “Skills Covered” list for Level B:2).

Skills Covered at Phonics Level C:2

Because Phonics Level C is more advanced than the Beginning-to-Read program (Level B), lessons may take a little longer to thoroughly develop the following skills:

  • Two-Syllable Root Words
  • Compound Words
  • Adding Suffixes -es, -ed, -ing
  • Syllabication Patterns & Accent Rules
  • Reading Two-Syllable Words
  • Vowel Digraphs
  • Modified Vowels
  • Diphthongs
  • Spelling
  • Beginning Grammar (common/proper nouns, pronouns, adjectives, verbs)
  • Homonyms, Antonyms, Analogies (word puzzles)
  • Writing Exercises (writing simple sentences)
  • Diagram Simple Sentences (identify the “who,” “doing,” and “what” of sentences to aid reading comprehension)
  • Introduction to Cursive Penmanship

Teaching Phonics Level C:

Students will learn that words are parts of speech according to how they are used in a sentence. The GRAMMAR/WRITING EXERCISES first review nouns, pronouns, and adjectives and then introduce Verbs (doing words) to prepare that the subject, or the “who” of a sentence, does something, or has something done to it. Students will also practice combining naming, describing, and doing words together to form sentences.

After teaching a lesson, refer to the Phonics Workbook Instructions & Answer Key: Level C:2 (Part 210AK) to help your student complete Phonics Workbook: Level C:2 (Part 210) pages listed in that day’s “PACING SCHEDULE.”

Readers recommended at Level C:

  • Christ-Centered Phonics Drill Reader (Part 357)
  • The Flood: God Saves Me (Part 356)
  • A Time at Home (Part 360.3)—Level C:2
  • It is a Joy to Learn (Part 360.4)—Level C:3

Note: Parts 360.3 and 360.4 are Books Three and Four of Christian Liberty Press’s Kindergarten Readers Set (Part 360.1-4).

Recommendation: Whenever you start teaching the Level C:2 lessons, have your student start daily drill practices in the Phonics Drill Reader (PDR). Whenever a page is practiced again, he should strive to improve his previous time record. Since the PDR is beneficial for a variety of ages, and its 124 reading pages become sequentially advanced in PHONICS SECTIONS I-V, no standard pacing schedule is recommended. Instead, each student should continue daily practices in accordance with their own God-given capabilities and at what rate rapid word attack skills are being developed.

Pacing Suggestions:

The PACING SCHEDULE in Phonics Lessons for Flashcards 67-93 (Part 209) reflects spending two days on each lesson and related workbook pages. Following this pace for Levels C:2 and C:3 should normally complete these advanced decoding, spelling, and grammar/writing skills within a typical school year, or shortly thereafter. However, some families prefer taking longer. In that case, simply follow whatever pace best fits your child’s God-given abilities.
Note to Phonics Edition 1 Users: To use the original Phonics Lessons for Flashcards 67-93, we recommend the following schedule:

  • Day 1: Teach these exercises: Phonics Drill, Card Introduction, and Phonics/Spelling. Do the first two Phonics Workbook C:2 pages listed in the PACING SCHEDULE. After completing the PHONICS EXERCISE page in the workbook, introduce the SPELLING LESSON page.
  • Day 2: Focus on the Grammar/Writing exercise(s) plus the second two workbook pages listed in the PACING SCHEDULE. Working on the VOCABULARY DEVELOPMENT page will reinforce the spelling words again prior to the workbook Spelling Pre-Test.

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