Christ-Centered Phonics Lessons for Cards 32-66: Level B:2


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Beginning-to-Read Program

After Level B:1—Recommended For:

  • Advanced 4’s (AK4)
  • 5-year-olds (K5)
  • Beginning 1st (B1st)
  • Older students who need Level B:2 skills.

Skills Covered at Phonics Level B:2:

  • Adding Suffix –s
  • Consonant Digraphs (ck, sh, ch, tch, ng, nk, th, wh)
  • Giant Blends (two or three consonants blended with a vowel)
  • Reading One-Syllable Words
  • Spelling Short-Vowel Words
  • Beginning Grammar (naming words, describing words, and pronouns—an aid to develop reading comprehension)
  • Manuscript Printing

Description of Phonics Lessons B:2:

The lessons for Cards 32-66 further develop the first level of reading (Phonics) and also introduce the second level (Comprehension). By Card 42 (bl-blessed), most students understand the basics of decoding words phonetically and are ready for GRAMMAR EXERCISES which teach reading comprehension skills.

  • bl–blessed (Card 42). Beginning with Card 42, the B:2 lessons introduce consonant blends (a cluster of two or three consonants blended together to act as one speech sound).
  • bl-blessed Lesson (pp. 56-60). Because consonant blends are easy to learn, students typically enjoy the grammar portion of the daily lessons. By the end of Level C:3, the GRAMMAR EXERCISES will have introduced all eight parts of speech plus the “who, doing, and what” of sentences.

Note: Although grammar is introduced in the B:2 phonics lessons, Grammar Exercises are not included in a workbook until Levels C:2 and C:3.

Teaching Phonics Level B:2:

After teaching the daily lesson, refer to the Phonics Workbook Instructions & Answer Key: Level B:2 (Part 207AK) to help your child complete the related Phonics Workbook: Level B:2 pages (Part 207) listed in the “PACING SCHEDULE” at the beginning of each lesson.

Upon completion of Phonics Workbook B:2, we recommend going through the Spelling and Vocabulary Workbook: Level B:2 (Part 208) prior to starting Phonics Level C:2.
Note: Phonics Kit B (Part 002) now includes a Level B:2 Spelling and Vocabulary Workbook plus its Answer Key (Parts 208, 208AK). However, if you have a Phonics Workbook Instructions and Answer Key C:1, this may be used for answers to the Vocabulary Development pages in Part 208.

Phonics Edition 1 Users: The original Phonics Lessons for Cards 32-66, Phonics Workbook B:2, and Phonics Workbook Instructions & Answer Key B:2 are not compatible with the revised Level B:2 version. For information on how to order an economical Transition Kit B:2 containing these three products call 1-800-778-4318.

Pacing Suggestions:

Normally, Levels B:1 and B:2 are completed within a typical school year. However, if you started an Advanced 4 on Level B, simply teach in sequence at a pace that best fits your child’s needs.

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