Christ-Centered Phonics Lessons for Aa-Zz: Level A


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Off to a great start with Christ-Centered A-B-C’s!

Recommended For:

  • Older 3’s (AK3)
  • Young 4’s (K4)

Phonics Level A is great for teaching young 4’s two or three days a week in short sessions. However, older 3’s who are eager to learn should also do well at this Level.
Note: Because older 4’s are usually more mature in their readiness to learn, they are considered an Advanced K4 and thus normally do better starting with Phonics Kit B (Part 002). Just teach in sequence at whatever rate best fits your child’s God-given capabilities.

Skills Covered at Phonics Level A:

  • Aa-Zz Letters/Sounds
  • Short Vowels
  • Consonants
  • Blends (single consonant and vowel blended to form one speech sound)
  • Reading Short Vowel Words
  • Spelling Blends and Short Vowel Words
  • Brief Introduction to Long Vowels
  • Manuscript Printing

Description of Phonics Lessons for Aa-Zz:

The Aa-Zz lessons introduce Cards 1-31 of the Phonics Flashcards 1-118: Master Set (Part 201-RV). Children will learn how to distinguish one letter’s sound from another as well as differences in the shapes of letters, blends, and words. Additional teaching activities are provided in Appendix A’s “PHONICS ENRICHMENT IDEAS” section.

After teaching a lesson, refer to the “PHONICS SEATWORK” section for that day’s Phonics Workbook A (Part 203) assignment. The Workbook Instructions/Answer Key A (Part 203AK) provides spiritual applications plus teaching tips.

Pacing Suggestions:

Although Phonics Levels A and B:1 both introduce Cards 1-31 (Aa-Zz letters/sounds), Level A’s thirty-one lessons, divided into three days each, are shorter and not as challenging as Level B:1. These daily lessons could be taught in one week’s time, or spread over several weeks. Each lesson plus workbook exercise generally takes about 20 minutes.

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