Christ-Centered Math Workbook: Level C (HS)


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Advanced Beginning Math Program

Recommended For:

  • Advanced K5 (AK5)
  • First Grade (1st)

Notice to Math Edition 1 Users: If you have the original Math Lessons Guide: Level A and Math Lessons Guide: Level B, 2011’s Home School workbooks (Levels A, B:1, B:2, and C) are not compatible. To purchase Edition 1’s Math Workbook A, order Part 401. For Level B, order Part 403

Skills Covered at Math Level C:

  • Place Value (1’s, 10’s, 100’s Places)
  • 2- and 3-digit Addition/Subtraction (No Renaming)
  • Greater Than/Less Than to 999
  • Identifying Missing Numbers in Sequence to 999
  • Counting by 1’s, 2’s, 3’s, 4’s, 5’s, and 10’s
  • Numeration (Reading and Writing Numbers 0-20)
  • Adding Multiple Numbers
  • 11-18 Addition/Subtraction Families
  • Word Problems and Equation Theory

Description of Workbook C:

After teaching the daily lesson in Math Lessons C (Part 540), refer to Part II’s Workbook Answer Key for additional teaching tips. Each page in Math Workbook C (Part 541) begins with Scripture plus a spiritual and math application.

The workbook pages begin with the exciting study of place value which reveals that just as God designed a special dwelling place for Himself among men (the Tabernacle), so He designed a special dwelling place for numbers. As the instruction on place value expands, the verses in the workbook lead up to the wonderful truth that Jesus Christ is our True Tabernacle—the blessed eternal dwelling place for all born-again believers.

The place value study is excellent preparation for teaching the 11-18 addition/subtraction facts through a Base 10 system. For, ten is the number in Scripture that most Bible scholars believe signifies perfection or completion of divine order. It implies nothing is lacking; the cycle is complete. Because our number system is composed of cycles of 10, the 10 Moth Family (taught in Math Levels A and B:1) therefore becomes even more important as an aid to helping children understand the difficult teen combinations.

NOTICE: The first half of Workbook C covers place value (pp. 1-61e). The second half (pp. 62-120c) covers the 11-18 addition/subtraction facts. To have sufficient time to fully prepare your student for the difficult teen combinations, please don’t rush through the place value pages.

In addition to Math Workbook B:1, you need a:

  • Christ-Centered Math Lessons: Level C (Part 540)
  • Interlocking Base 10 Blocks Set [100 – one’s units, 10 – ten’s rods, 3 – 100’s flats] (Part 542)

Note: The Level C lessons and workbook are in Math Kit C (Part 006HS).

Pacing Suggestions:

Place value and the 11-18 addition/subtraction facts are normally introduced in 1st Grade. However, some Advanced K5/B1st students have been known to finish Levels A, B, and C in a typical school year, or shortly thereafter. For the best results, teach in sequence according to a pace which lovingly challenges your student’s God-given capabilities.

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