Christ-Centered Math Lessons: Level C (+ Answer Key)


Order Math Kit C (Part 006HS) which contains the Level C lessons plus a Level C workbook

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Advanced Beginning Math Program

    Recommended For:

  • Advanced K5 (AK5)
  • First Grade (1st)

Skills Covered at Math Level C:

  • Place Value (1’s, 10’s, 100’s Places)
  • 2- and 3-digit Addition/Subtraction (No Renaming)
  • Greater Than/Less Than to 999
  • Identifying Missing Numbers in Sequence to 999
  • Counting by 1’s, 2’s, 3’s, 4’s, 5’s, and 10’s
  • Numeration (Reading and Writing Numbers 0-20)
  • Adding Multiple Numbers
  • 11-18 Addition/Subtraction Families
  • Word Problems and Equation Theory

Description of Math Lessons B:2:

After teaching the daily lesson in Math Lessons C (Part 540), refer to Part II’s Workbook Answer Key for additional teaching tips. Each page in Math Workbook C (Part 541) begins with Scripture plus a spiritual and math application.

Math Lessons C’s four chapters present the “big picture” of its various math skills. Two reproducible Weekly Plan forms provide greater flexibility to customize the lessons to fit your student’s God-given capabilities. At the beginning of each chapter are tips for how to complete that particular section of the Weekly Plan form.

For the best results, a small portion from each of the following should be taught daily:

  • Chapter 1–CHARACTER TRAINING TIPS: This first chapter contains a real-life illustration for each godly character quality reflected by the 1-10 Animal Number Families. Recommendation: Focus on one character quality weekly as a family.
  • Chapter 2–DAILY MATH DRILLS: Teach each of these skills once per week: Counting Exercises, 10 Addition Family Chart (“Partners for 10”), Teen Speed Drills, Base 10 Addition/Subtraction Chart, and the 11-18 Addition/Subtraction Facts Chart.
  • Chapter 3–BASIC SKILLS: Teach each of these once per week: Numeration 0-20, Before and After, Missing Numbers in Sequence, Greater Than/Less Than, and Adding Multiple Numbers.
  • Chapter 4–PLACE VALUE & 11-18 FACTS CONCEPTS: Since most of the place value instruction is in the workbook, the math lessons largely focus on preparing students for the difficult teen combinations. Teach each of the following patterns once per week: Place Value Teen Addition/Subtraction Pattern, Place Value Mat, Renaming Problems, 0-20 Number Line, Snap Cubes and Word Problems.

In addition to Math Workbook B:1, you need a:

  • Christ-Centered Math Workbook: Level C (Part 541)
  • Interlocking Base 10 Blocks Set [100 – one’s units, 10 – ten’s rods, 3 – 100’s flats] (Part 542)

Note: The Level C charts and visual aids are at Tabs 4 and 5 of the Christ-Centered Math Master Guide (Part 500).

Pacing Suggestions:

Place value and the 11-18 addition/subtraction facts are normally introduced in 1st Grade. However, some Advanced K5/B1st students have been known to finish Levels A, B, and C in a typical school year, or shortly thereafter. For the best results, teach in sequence according to a pace which lovingly challenges your student’s God-given capabilities.

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