Christ-Centered Math Lessons: Level A (+ Answer Key)


These Level A lessons are in both the Math Kit A (004HS) and Math Kit B (005HS). Every beginning math student should complete Level A before starting Level B:1.

Order the Math Beginner’s Kit A (004HS) for an Advanced 3 or Young 4; later, order Math Add-On Kit B (Part 005AO). For Advanced 4, K5, or Beginning 1st, purchase Math Kit B (005HS) which includes both Levels A and B.

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Off to a Great Start with Christ-Centered Math!

Recommended For:

  • Older 3’s (AK3)
  • Young 4’s (K4)

Notice to Math Edition 1 Users: If you own the original Math Lessons Guide: Level A and Math Lessons Guide: Level B, 2011’s Home School versions are not compatible. To purchase Edition 1’s Math Workbook: Level A, order Part 401. For Level B, order Part 403.

    Skills Covered at Math Level A:

  • Godly Character Qualities 1-10
  • Number Concepts 1-10
  • Introduction to Addition Families 1-10
  • Number Line 0-10
  • Before and After 0-1
  • Missing Numbers in Sequence 0-10
  • Greater Than/Less Than 0-10
  • Counting by 1’s to 100
  • Tracing/Writing Numbers 1-10

Description of Math Lessons A:

After teaching the daily lesson, refer to Part II’s Workbook Answer Key for additional teaching tips. Each Math Workbook A assignment begins with Scripture plus a spiritual and math application.

FOUNDATION DAYS 1-10 introduce the animal number families of the Christ-Centered Math Flashcards 1-10 Set which lays a foundation for the godly character training taught in Levels A-C.

    The second set of ten lessons introduces addition concepts 1-10 through the ten animal number families—one lesson per family. The 55 animal babies are in Part II of the Math Master Guide (Part 500). Each animal on Math Flashcards 1-10 has the same number of babies as its numeral. Their lessons are divided as follows:

  • DAILY MATH DRILL: Students learn to count by 1’s using the 0-100 Numbers Chart. Gradually, they also learn a simple drill for all the animal babies.
  • NUMBER CONCEPTS: This section helps students put meaning (value) to numbers as they learn concepts like “2+1 is another name for 3.” This is reinforced through the 0-10 Animal Number Line plus these hands-on teaching aids: Place Value Pocket Chart (Part 520.1) and Snap Cubes (Part 520.2).
  • BASIC SKILLS: This section teaches Before/After, Greater Than/Less Than, and Missing Numbers in Sequence.
  • DAILY SEATWORK: The Math Workbook A assignment is listed at the end of each lesson along with pacing suggestions. Also included is a “WRITING NUMERALS” assignment which recommends singing the “Writing Numbers With Song” (Appendix A).

In addition to Math Lessons A, you need:

  • Christ-Centered Math Master Guide (Part 500)
  • Christ-Centered Animal Stories CD (Part 501)
  • Christ-Centered Math Workbook: Level A (Part 503)

Math Hands-On Teaching Aids: Math Lessons A, B:1, and C use a Place Value Pocket Chart (Part 520.1) and Snap Cubes (Part 520.2) to give meaning (value) to numbers. Both are included in Math Kits A and B.


  • Teach an Advanced 3 or Young 4 according to a pace that best fits God-given capabilities. Especially look for daily opportunities to develop the godly character qualities of the Animal Families represented on Math Flashcards 1-10.
  • An Advanced K4, K5, or Beginning 1st grader can usually complete Math Levels A and B:1 in a typical school year—and some K5/B1st students can also finish Level B:2.
  • More Advanced K5/B1st students have been known to finish Levels A, B, and C in a year, or shortly thereafter. For the best results, teach in sequence according to whatever pacing lovingly challenges your student’s God-given capabilities.

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