Christ-Centered Animal Stories CD


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Laying a Strong Foundation

Using illustrations from the lives of ten animals, this wonderful CD is excellent for helping children learn how to develop godly character traits through Christ’s strength.

Because God’s eternal power and triune nature are revealed in all of Creation (Rom. 1:20), studying observable godly character traits in His creatures is a great way to present biblical truths to young children!

The Animal Stories CD is a delightful coordinate with:

NOTICE: Even if you aren’t using the full Christ-Centered Math program, the Math Flashcards 1-10 Set plus this Animal Stories CD will add an extra special blessing to your early math lessons!

  • The Christ-Centered Math Flashcards 1-10 Set (Part 500.1) which teaches a character quality for each of its ten animals plus their addition and subtraction families.
  • The CD’s lovely Scripture songs and children’s hymns, plus nicely narrated stories adapted from Character Sketches Vol. I and II (Used by permission.), help children understand these godly traits: generosity, flexibility, loyalty, orderliness, courage, decisiveness, joyfulness, responsibility, endurance, and determination. (Audio Cues are set for each Story, Scripture Song, and Hymn.)

Note: This CD is included in the Math Beginner’s Kit A (Part 004HS) and Math Kit B (Part 005HS).

This CD may also be ordered individually because it makes a wonderful gift!

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