Christ-Centered Math Flashcards 1-10 Set (HS)


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Build Godly Character Through Early Math Skills!

Math Flashcards 1-10 introduce the 1-10 addition facts using a small 0-10 Animal Number Line plus 55 colorful animal babies whose names are the addition facts. (The 1-10 subtraction facts are the addition facts reversals.)

Also included are Christ-centered teaching tips for how to introduce counting, the three basic math skills for beginners, and the 1-10 addition families.

Math Flashcards 1–10 reflect observable godly character qualities in ten of God’s creatures. Each flashcard represents one animal family: Mr. ONE Penguin, Mrs. TWO Deer, Mrs. THREE Bear, Mr. FOUR Beaver, Mr. FIVE Skunk, Mr. SIX Badger, Mrs. SEVEN Chickadee, Mr. EIGHT Crow, Mr. NINE Squirrel, and Mrs. TEN Moth. The front of each 8 ½ x 11 colorful flashcard lists its Character Quality, a beautiful pictorial illustration of the animal, and its numeral. Each back is divided into the following sections:

  • Biblical Numerology: This information is a brief consensus of what many Bible scholars believe represents the scriptural meaning of numbers 1-10.
  • Color Typology: The numeral’s color on each flashcard represents what many Bible scholars believe refers to the scriptural meaning of colors.
  • Character Qualities and Story Introductions: Each animal family represents one of these godly character qualities: generosity, flexibility, loyalty, orderliness, courage, decisiveness, joyfulness, responsibility, endurance, and determination. (Adapted from Character Sketches, Vol. I and II. Used by permission.) Each of these character qualities and story introductions are included in a delightful companion CD called Christ-Centered Animal Stories with Scripture Songs and Hymns (Part 501).
  • Spiritual Applications: These illustrate how each godly character trait can personally be developed through Christ’s strength.

Note: If you wish to order Math Beginner’s Kit A (004HS) or Math Kit B (005HS), a Math Flashcards 1-10 Set is part of the Christ-Centered Math Master Guide (Part 500) which is

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