What Customers Are Saying About Christ-Centered Curriculum

“Let another man praise thee, and not thine own mouth; a stranger, and not thine own lips.” (Prov. 27:7).

". . .my foundational resource for all the children..."

Having homeschooled 8 children, one of my favorite resources, in fact, my foundational resource for all the children in their elementary years, was Christ Centered Publications. The Bible-centered phonics and math instruction was foundational, fun, and memorable.

~~ Deborah Wuehler, senior editor, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine

"...it helps me teach my kids about God, His Word, and Godly character from such a young age!"

I love this curriculum so much for its truly biblical basis and the way it helps me teach my kids about God, His Word, and Godly character from such a young age! God bless you!

~~ Mary M.

"...not only helping me teach the daughter to read, but the mother is learning to read as well."

I am ordering this [Phonics Flash Cards Master Set] on behalf of a family who I am tutoring who just pulled their children out of public school to homeschool. It is such a great tool that the mother is desiring her own set. It is not only helping me teach the daughter to read, but the mother is learning to read as well. Oh how precious is this generation – so many have fallen through the cracks of public school – your materials are powerful tools not only in teaching reading skills but equipping them with the Word of God so they will prevail in the days ahead. Keep pressing on.

~~ Teresa H.

"Our daughter Katelynn is going on a medical mission to Honduras this summer. I am happy to say the Word implanted by her early Christ-Centered Math and Phonics is being used to glorify God and do some great works."

~~ Chandler, OK

"Thanks so much. I have successfully taught 8 children to read using your curriculum and am on the verge of the ninth reader with one more to go. It is one of the greatest gifts I will ever be privileged to give to my children. They will benefit from it all their lives. Thank you for being used by The Lord to equip me for such a significant task. Teaching reading is my greatest joy in homeschooling! Gratefully, "

~~ San Antonio, TX

"I just finished the last page of the Christ Centered Curriculum with my youngest child. The Lord began blessing our home with this material in 2001. We have used it with all three of our children. It is a bittersweet moment! We have truly grown closer to Him through this material."

~~ Deana in OH

"...thank you for a truly ‘Christian’ worldview approach to learning. I think now that home schooling has become so popular some have lost sight of our mission here! My 6- year-old... is truly forming a Christian worldview as he is learning! I thank the Lord and thank you all for taking your mission before the Lord so seriously! To God be the glory! Thank you!"

~~ Chesapeake, VA

"God has used the Christ-Centered material in many wonderful ways. The very first day we started phonics, we were going over the short Aa card’s rhyme. When I explained what it meant to remain in Adam, both of my children said, ‘I don’t want to remain in Adam! I want to be in Christ!’ So we prayed for God’s forgiveness and salvation through Christ. ...The rhymes on each of the phonics cards really help them to understand spiritual truths. And the character qualities of the math animals really help them as well. It is not just my children who have benefited from the Christ-Centered Curriculum. The Lord used it to change my life as well! ...As I taught my children, I noticed that my world view was changing! Praise the Lord! In addition to my world view, my work ethic also changed. ...I thank [God] for leading me to your curriculum and I pray you will be encouraged to continue doing the work He has prepared you to do!"

~~ Orange, CA

"Thank you for your superior materials that place Christ first in everything! ... Praise God for your ministry, which helped me present the gospel [to my child] in a way I had not been able to previously. May God richly bless your efforts to bring little children to Jesus. I will sing your praises to every home school family."

~~ Plano, IL

"The longer I use CCC, the more I appreciate it. Listening to some of my friends’ problems with other curriculums, I am thankful the Lord led me to CCP. Thank you!"

~~ Ripley, MS

"I want to let you know how much we have enjoyed using your curriculum! It has been a blessing to our entire family. I started teaching my daughter at 4 1/2. We had a sporadic beginning (due to my severe morning sickness), but now at 5 ½ she is reading far beyond where we are in the workbooks. She loves her school work! Her 4-year-old brother knows all the phonics flashcards and is begging to start both the phonics and math workbooks. Even my 2-year-old takes his turn at the flashcards---with or without my help! He knows that ‘M’ stands for milk! Thank you for such a wonderful, Bible-filled curriculum! (My daughter frequently, on her own accord, chooses Bible verses from the flashcards to memorize.)"

~~ Chilton, WI

"I used your program to teach my two oldest daughters to read. They both began reading independently within a week of their fourth birthdays. They are now 10 and 12 years old and read avidly! My 10 year old carries Little Women (the unabridged version) around in her purse. I don’t know how many times she’s read it. When she was finishing up the last phonics book we had a new baby. We put away the phonics program to save for him. I began using the flashcards with him at 3 and he began reading independently at THREE AND A HALF! Our fourth child will turn 3 in December. I can hardly wait to begin phonics lessons with her (although she does sit in on her brother’s lessons). ...I cannot say enough about your program. I hope you’re still around when my grandchildren are learning to read!"

~~ Cedar Park, TX

"I believe the Christ-Centered Curriculum material is the most thorough in leaving no stone unturned to teach God’s Word to very young children. My children and I have been helped by Doreen Claggett’s simple instructions. Thank you so much."

~~ Clermont, FL

"I would just like to say a big THANK YOU for your curriculum for children. ...I love how you have shown me not to use just little words with them. [Our son] amazes us with his understanding of the big words and when Dad asks where he learned a big word, he will say, ‘Oh, I learned that word yesterday,’ so they are quick to learn whatever they experience. ...God bless you, encourage you, and direct you to His way for your work."

~~ Longview, TX

"...I have used and being blessed by your [curriculum] since 12 years ago when I homeschooled my children with ATI Bill Gothard. After my children grown up, I became a teacher and Kindergarten Principal for children from the age of 2 up to 6 years old, and all I did is teaching [your curriuculum] and being more blessed. Since then parents have testified how their children grown to love God with all their heart, mind and soul. There have been so many teachers from our school and other schools in Jakarta and other places in Indonesia that come to our school to be trained to use CCC... Thank you so much for the blessing you bring for so many families in Indonesia through CCC."

~~ Helen O., Indonesia

"...I just ordered again ... this morning. Our family has benifited greatly from your curriculum ! I have never used anything else and began when our first son was 3 years old. He is 19 now ! I am just beginning our 8th child with it this fall, with 2 more to go behind her! : ) I can almost do it in my sleep!My sister is getting married this fall and she hopes to use it with her children as well. She and I were discussing that the Biblical teaching alone in it makes it worth the effort.We both know there are many curriculum choices out there and some are faster and easier to use . But we both agree that we will continue to use CCC because we love how thourough it is in spelling rules, theology, etc.I am currently teaching four of my children at 3 different levels of CCC. It is a challenge to fit it in, but I do love it, and it gives me joy to use it !Thank you so much for all the effort you went to to develop it and make it available to us. We appreciate you following the Lords call on your life.May the Lord bless you with joy in this day that He has made ! Know that there are many young souls out there who you have touched, and many moms too!"

~~ Trisha W. in Wa. state

"Although we are not using your phonics program, I do own your phonics drill readers, the short-vowel readers and Phonics Drill Book (which both my 1st grader and I love). I thought you might like to hear what your readers are producing in the hearts of my children.My 4 year-old just read the first short vowel reader, Dan and Ken Help. She and her older sister (1st grade) got so excited about Dan and Ken helping their mother clean up that they eagerly set the book down and asked me what they could do to help me clean. At this moment, they are happily cleaning the bathroom, dusting and cleaning the windows. They are so excited to be doing this work. Their faces are beaming with satisfaction, and their eyes are sparkling with joy. Thank you for producing these little readers with such sweet, Godly lessons in them."

~~ Fraser in CO

"I graduated from college with a degree in Early Childhood Education ... and taught in first a public and then a Christian school for a total of four years before I was married. When I first saw the title of your book, Never Too Early, I refused to read it. All I had learned at college was opposed to the title alone. When it was time for me to start school with my now 9-year-old son, I knew I wanted to use a good phonics program. ...[When] I was given a complete set of the CCC materials...I decided that I should use what the Lord had provided, swallow my educated pride and began reading Never Too Early. Suddenly I was aware of how deceived I had been by my fancy education. Your words [Doreen Claggett] are so true. I’m so glad the Lord woke me up. I shudder to think of all the spiritual lessons my children would have missed had I decided to use a different phonics program. Incidentally, after using CCC it became evident that the curriculum is not pushing a child to learn to read. The repetition in and between Level A and Level B make allowances for a child’s ‘readiness’ while exposing him to the building blocks he will need to begin reading when he is ‘ready.’"

~~ Aptos, CA

"Thank you for your wonderful work in equipping and assisting teachers and parents to raise up a new generation of believers in Jesus Christ. We have been blessed to see the fruit coming forth in our two children by using the Christ-Centered Curriculum."

~~ Bartlesville, OK

"Just a short note to let you know how much we like your curriculum. We started our oldest child on it after another program gave us very poor results. We will be starting our 3rd child on yours next week and we are very happy with it! I also read your book [Never Too Early] and it really opened my eyes to a lot of things I had heard and wondered about. Last, but not least, the price is great! Thank you for all your hard work---it is appreciated."

~~ Manchester, KY

"Thank you for your emphasis on the Word of God in your curriculum. I’m learning from it along with my children."

~~ Harrisburg, PA