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“Lovest thou Me? Feed My lambs… Giving all diligence, add to your [children’s] faith virtue, to virtue knowledge.” ~~ John 21:15, 2 Peter 1:5

Why Christ-Centered Curriculum?

Our curriculum has four key elements that give your child the best foundation.

Uniquely Scriptural


Easy to Use


Academically Excellent


Proven Results

What We Provide




Find everything needed to teach your students to read — from Level A (older 3’s/young 4’s) to Level C for teaching high literacy skills to students.



Equip your students with math skills using our 3 levels of Math from “Great Start” (Level A) to “Beginning Math” (Level B) to “Advanced Beginning Math” (Level C).


Early Readers

Christ-Centered Early Readers perfectly compliment our Phonics program giving your student practice in developing their skills.


Family Resources

Don’t miss these books that will encourage your family.


About the Curriculum

Christ Centered Curriculum

Why are our Phonics, Reading, and Math programs so unique among early childhood programs?

Because children’s hearts are most tender toward the gospel in their formative years, our entire Christ-Centered Curriculum for Early Childhood program (Phonics, Reading and Math) was prayerfully created to help you lovingly learn to “pass on the faith” to Jesus’ precious lambs, and to do so with academic excellence!

Exciting News!

With our latest Home School Edition, our Teacher’s Guide to Reading Set reorganizes and expands our original three levels of reading. There are additional instructions for how to more successfully develop each student’s high literacy skills and to increase spiritual understanding for the advanced Christ-Centered Phonics Drill Reader.

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Where to Find the Teacher’s Guide to Reading Set

The Teacher’s Guide to Reading Set is the definitive guide for teaching the Christ-Centered Phonics program.  It is also very effective to use for teaching English as a second language.  It includes the Christ-Centered Phonics Teacher’s Guide to Reading plus the Christ-Centered Phonics Charts and Visual Aids 3-ring binder.

Latest Curriculum Kit

Curriculum Kits

What Others Are Saying About Christ-Centered Curriculum


…it helps me teach my kids about God, His Word, and Godly character from such a young age!

I love this curriculum so much for its truly biblical basis and the way it helps me teach my kids about God, His Word, and Godly character from such a young age! God bless you!

Mary W.

…Not only helping me teach the daughter to read, but the mother is learning to read as well

I am ordering this [Phonics Flash Cards Master Set] on behalf of a family who I am tutoring who just pulled their children out of public school to homeschool. It is such a great tool that the mother is desiring her own set. It is not only helping me teach the daughter to read, but the mother is learning to read as well. Oh how precious is this generation – so many have fallen through the cracks of public school – your materials are powerful tools not only in teaching reading skills but equipping them with the Word of God so they will prevail in the days ahead. Keep pressing on.

Teresa H.

The longer I use CCC, the more I appreciate it.

“The longer I use CCC, the more I appreciate it. Listening to some of my friends’ problems with other curriculums, I am thankful the Lord led me to CCP. Thank you!”

Ripley, MS

Helped me present the gospel

“Thank you for your superior materials that place Christ first in everything! … Praise God for your ministry, which helped me present the gospel [to my child] in a way I had not been able to previously. May God richly bless your efforts to bring little children to Jesus. I will sing your praises to every home school family.”

Plano, IL

A truly ‘Christian’ worldview approach to learning

“…thank you for a truly ‘Christian’ worldview approach to learning. I think now that home schooling has become so popular some have lost sight of our mission here! My 6- year-old… is truly forming a Christian worldview as he is learning! I thank the Lord and thank you all for taking your mission before the Lord so seriously! To God be the glory! Thank you!”

Chesapeake, VA

It is one of the greatest gifts I will ever be privileged to give to my children.

“Thanks so much. I have successfully taught 8 children to read using your curriculum and am on the verge of the ninth reader with one more to go. It is one of the greatest gifts I will ever be privileged to give to my children. They will benefit from it all their lives. Thank you for being used by The Lord to equip me for such a significant task. Teaching reading is my greatest joy in homeschooling! Gratefully, “

San Antonio, TX

I want to be in Christ!

“. . . The very first day we started phonics, we were going over the short Aa card’s rhyme. When I explained what it meant to remain in Adam, both of my children said, ‘I don’t want to remain in Adam! I want to be in Christ!’ So we prayed for God’s forgiveness and salvation through Christ. …The rhymes on each of the phonics cards really help them to understand spiritual truths. And the character qualities of the math animals really help them as well. It is not just my children who have benefited from the Christ-Centered Curriculum. The Lord used it to change my life as well!”

Orange, CA


Frequently Asked Questions

Our most common questions can be found on our FAQ page.  

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If you have other questions, click here to contact us.  We’re always glad to help!

Our curriculum has four key element that give your child the best foundation.

When You said, “Seek My face,” My heart said to You, “Your face, LORD, I will seek (Psalm 27:8)

Do you want to teach Christ’s precious lambs how to lovingly seek after God Himself? If so, then Christ-Centered Curriculum can help you pass on such faith as you teach them spiritually, morally, and academically—with excellence—during their most formative years!


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