01. Christ-Centered Math Master Guide (+ Visual Aids)

Laying a Biblical Foundation in Math

Recommended For:

  • Teachers of Math Levels A, B, and C

Note: This Master Guide is included in Math Beginner's Kit A (Part 004HS) and Math Kit B (Part 005HS). Because each Level lays an important foundation for the next, these Levels should be taught sequentially.


A major key to successful child rearing is to daily (and prayerfully) instill God’s Word and His ways “here a little, there a little” (Deuteronomy 6:4-5; Joshua 1:8). For that reason, the Christ-Centered Math Program was created to assist Christian parents with their responsibility to lay a strong foundation in Christ. Thus, rather than leave out the God of Scripture or simply tack on a Bible verse here and there to otherwise basically secular materials, the entire teaching content was derived from mathematical truths rooted in Scripture plus godly character training based upon the Christ-Centered Math Flashcards 1-10 Set!

Part I of the Math Master Guide's 3-ring binder includes:

  • Introduction
  • The Christ-Centered Math “Big Picture” Chart
  • The Biblical Roots of Mathematics
  • Diligently Add to Your Children's Faith---Virtue
  • Great Character Builders---Seatwork Activities
  • Home Schooling---A Special Window to Children’s Hearts
  • Dare to Be a Daniel---Educate for Excellence

Part II includes an overview of Levels A-C plus these visual aids:

  • Christ-Centered Math Flashcards 1–10 Set which includes:
  • Math Flashcards 1-10 (8 1/2" x 11")
  • Fifty-five Small Animal Families Addition Babies
  • Small 0-10 Animal Number Line
  • 0-100 Numbers Chart
  • 0-20 Number Line
  • 0-20 Number Words Chart
  • 1-10 Animal Addition Families Charts
  • Place Value Mat
  • Teen Speed Drill Chart
  • Base 10 Addition/Subtraction Drill Chart
  • Base 10 Teen Addition Facts Chart
  • 1-18 Addition/Subtraction Facts Charts

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