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Christ Centered Phonics

Christ-Centered Phonics has an excellent time-tested and proven track record of developing children spiritually ("faith"), morally ("virtue"), and academically ("knowledge") through our beautifully illustrated Christ-Centered Phonics Flashcards plus charts and visual aids that correlate with thorough easy-to-use lesson plans and workbooks taught from a biblical world view.

SAVE 10%

Save 10% by ordering a Complete Phonics + Math Package A, B, or C! Through teaching the full Phonics plus Math programs, you will learn the joy of how to glorify Christ during your children's most formative years---when the foundation of their character, habits, and intellect is being formed!

Whether you prefer to start your child's phonics instruction early or later we are confident that one or more of these levels below will meet your family's needs well.

Phonics Beginner's Kit A Home School Edition

Aa to Zz: Off to a Great Start with Christ-Centered A-B-C's!
(Level A)

Phonics Beginner's Kit A (Part 001)

RECOMMENDED FOR: Older 3's (AK3) and Young 4's (K4). Kit A contains all the teacher and student materials needed to teach an advanced 3-year-old or young 4 in short sessions two or three days a week. Click here for details..

For Advanced K4's, we recommend ordering Phonics Kit B (Part 002) instead. See below.

Phonics Kit B Home School Edition

Beginning to Read Programs
B:1 and B:2)

Phonics Kit B (Part 002)

RECOMMENDED FOR: Advanced 4'S (AK4), 5's (K5), and Beginning 1st (B1st). This Level can also be used with older students having no formal phonics training. Kit B contains a year's worth of teacher and student materials for our full Beginning-to-Read Program (Levels B:1 and B:2). Click here for details.

Phonics Kit C Home School Edition

Cementing Reading Competency: Advanced Phonics
C:2 and C:3)

Phonics Kit C (Part 003)

RECOMMENDED FOR: Advanced K5, 1st, or Regular 2nd Grade. Kit C is best used with students who have completed Phonics Level B:2. However, this Level can also be helpful for older students who need a review of advanced phonics, spelling, and beginning grammar. If following the C:2 and C:3 pacing guidelines, Level C can normally be completed within a typical school year. (However, some parents have reported they enjoy taking a little longer.) Click here for details.

Teaching English as a Second Language (ESL)? We recommend using Level C's Christ-Centered Phonics Drill Reader (Part 357). Click here for details. This Drill Reader is also good for remedial reading help and as a spelling resource.

The 1,2,3's of Christ-Centered Math

Note for Edition 1 Users: Christ-Centered Math Home School Edition is a reorganization of Edition 1's program into smaller segments (see below).

Off to a Great Start with Christ-Centered Math Flashcards 1-10!

Math Beginner's Kit A (Part 004HS)
(Level A)

RECOMMENDED FOR: Older 3's (AK3) and Young 4's (K4). Because Level A lays an important foundation for Levels A and B, all beginning math students should go through Level A before starting Levels B:1 and B:2. This particular Kit contains only Level A teacher and student math materials. However, included is the Christ-Centered Math Master Guide which contains charts and visual aids used at all three math levels (A, B, and C). Click here to view details.

NOTE: For older 4's (AK4), 5's (K5), and Beginning 1st (B1st), we recommend ordering Math Kit B (005HS) which includes BOTH Levels A and B.

Addition/Subtraction 1-10 plus Fractions/Time/Money!

Math Kit B (Part 005HS)
(Levels B:1 and B:2)

RECOMMENDED FOR: Advanced 4's (AK4), 5's (K5), and Beginning 1st (B1st). Kit B contains the Level A, B:1, and B:2 teacher and student materials needed to teach the full Beginning Math program. (Level C is an Advanced Beginning Math level.) Click here to view details.

Place Value plus the 11-18 Addition/Subtraction Facts!

Math Kit C (Part 006HS)
(Level C)

RECOMMENDED FOR: Advanced 5's (AK5) and 1st graders---or older students who have completed Levels A, B:1, and B:2. Math Kit C contains teacher and student materials usually taught at a first grade level. Click here to view details.

Additional Family Resources

Never Too Early Never Too Early
by Doreen Claggett (author of the Christ-Centered Curriculum for Early Childhood program)

(Foreword by J. Richard Fugate, author of What the Bible Says ... About Child Training)

If you're unsure about WHICH publisher's curriculum to use or WHEN to begin teaching, we suggest ordering and prayerfully reading NEVER TOO EARLY. It's never too early to pass on the faith to God's heritage, His precious lambs. And it all begins with our walk with the Lord, then with our husbands, and finally through educating our children in God's truths -- spiritually, morally, and academically. This book will both warm and challenge your heart!

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